About CEG

CEG (mouth in English) is, as the name suggest, about giving a voice to the music being made here in North West Wales.

CEG – Cerddoriaeth Eyri a’r Gogledd / Music of Snowdonia and North Wales

CEG are a collective of creative musicians, songwriters, and composers  working together to enable theirs and each others music to be heard and represented. We love North West Wales and in the modern age there seems no reason to have to up sticks just to get heard.

We live in the beautiful counties of Anglesey, Conwy and Gwynedd, and connect with other creative communities across  Wales, the UK and beyond.

CEG was born of SNOG (Snowdonia Nights Out Group) which has been promoting local arts for almost 15 years.

Founded by singer-songwriters Sera Owen and Roger Hughes in 2015, CEG now invloves numerous others to work on developing creative music opportunities in the North West Wales area and further afield.

Browse this site, have a look at what we’re currently involved in, and get in touch is you want to get involved. We’d love to hear from you- musician or music lovers alike.